Ramadan 2016: Your generosity in action

The rewards for all good deeds are multiplied during Ramadan. So this year, we asked you to gather the immense rewards on offer by supporting some of the poorest and most destitute people around the world.

Because of you, we received an incredible £10.2 million in donations during the blessed month.

This remarkable generosity has enabled us to help thousands of families around the world. We even reached a major milestone in supporting 50,000 orphans globally!

What did we do with £10.2 million?

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “He does not truly believe who eats his fill while his neighbour remains hungry by his side” (Bayhaqi).

This beautiful hadith  directs us towards compassion and understanding  for those less fortunate. It reflects the passionate commitment you, our donors, have to the principle of sharing food with people of all faiths and non, in this most blessed of months.

In light of this, we asked you to support food distribution projects for families struggling to make ends meet in Palestine and Syria. As well as this, we made a plea for clean water for families in desperate need.

During our live appeals we urged you to donate generously to help some of the poorest and most destitute people around the world. We specifically asked you to support orphans, help eliminate child labour, provide better homes for children in Gaza and give the gift of water to entire communities.

We cannot thank you enough

We have been able to reach families in over 30 countries, thanks to the donations you gave during Ramadan.

“Every time we asked, the response from you was immediate and openhearted,” says Imran Madden, Islamic Relief UK Director. “We cannot thank you enough for, once again, putting your faith in us, and entrusting us to spend your Zakat and Sadaqah in the best way possible.”

See below to read more about how your money will make an immeasurable difference to the lives of thousands of families around the world.



A brighter future for orphans

Hundreds of orphaned children and their families are now receiving the support they need for a brighter future, SubhanAllah. Read more.



A home for Palestinian children

By supporting our Islam Channel live appeal for Gaza during Ramadan, you’ve enabled us to provide a healthier, homely, environment for orphaned children in war-torn Palestine. Read more.



Combating the impact of climate change

We are now able to build a micro dam in Mali which will harvest rainwater benefiting 400 households, enabling them to produce crops at a large scale. Read more.



Eliminating child labour in Bangladesh

We’ve been able to develop our programme to eliminate the most hazardous forms of child labour. Thanks to your donations, 1,500 can enjoy the basic rights we so often take for granted. Read more.



Food for Syrians and Palestinians

As part of a wider global response, you, our UK supporters, gave over £800,000 for food distribution projects in 31 countries benefiting 30,000 households, SubhanAllah! Read more.



Water for displaced families

Hundreds of displaced families will benefit from sustainable water projects in the Bannu District (Pakistan). Read more.

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