Thank you for your generosity

Over the last few months, we asked you to support our winter campaign as well as emergency appeals in Aleppo, Myanmar and Yemen. Each time we appealed for funds, you gave generously, and we want to say Thank You!

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.” (as narrated in Sahih Muslim)

Over the last 3 months, we’ve provided millions of pounds worth of humanitarian aid to support thousands of families in some of the most hard to reach areas around the world.

How we utilised your donations

As the cold winter weather began to set in, we asked you to share your love with those most in need. Because of you, we were able to provide warmth and comfort to over 20,000 vulnerable, displaced and refugee families.

We also extended our support to refugees seeking asylum in the UK, by supporting ‘The Bike Project’. This incredible project donates bikes to asylum seekers across London. It aims to heavily reduce their living costs, as they navigate through the difficult asylum process and attempt to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Providing aid in an emergency

Conflict intensified and the need for urgent humanitarian assistance became ever more apparent in Aleppo, Myanmar and Yemen. We launched appeals seeking emergency funds to assist those in desperate need.

With your support, over 70,000 people received emergency aid such as food and non-food items, water and sanitation facilities, medical supplies and shelter.

As we say thank you, we also ask that you continue to support our work to provide essential relief to those most in need. Donations to our Global Emergency Fund ensure that we have a contingency fund which can be used to respond swiftly to small emergencies around the world whenever the need arises.

See below to read more about how your donations are making an incredible difference to the lives of thousands of families around the world.


Giving the gift of warmth this winter

This winter, you helped to provide warmth and save countless lives through your generous donations in places like Afghanistan, Nepal, Syria and Tunisia. Read more.


Aleppo emergency response

Thanks to your generous response to our emergency appeal, thousands of displaced families in Aleppo received vital aid. Read more.


Myanmar emergency response

In Myanmar, over 240,000 people have been displaced since 2011. Thanks to your support we have been able to provide relief to some of these people. Read more.


Yemen emergency response

Thanks to your support of our emergency appeal, we have been able to provide vital aid to over 80,000 people in Yemen. Read more.


Helping refugees rebuild their lives

Because of you we have been able to assist refugees seeking asylum in the UK. Read more.

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