The perils of winter

Winter can be a difficult time for anyone, however it truly becomes a fight for survival without the basic provisions. Millions of refugees, displaced and vulnerable people face the prospect of having to survive winter without adequate shelter, food or clothing. This is especially true for children, the elderly and sick – who are all particularly vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions.

Over 20,000 families helped

We have already spent over £1.1 million on winterisation projects helping to support over 20,000 families in various countries around the world – this is all thanks to your support.

In Syria we have supported 8,700 families, providing them with items such as blankets, mattresses, plastic mats and sheets to help protect against the freezing weather.

And in Tunisia, where temperatures are dropping below 0°C this winter, we’ve provided 1,000 families with essential winter items.

Escalations of violence in Afghanistan lead to 185,000+ people being forced to flee from their homes. Once again, thanks to your continued support, we were able to help 1,870 families with emergency food aid, as well providing them with essential winter items or fire wood.

Keeping children warm this winter

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect Syrian refugees in Iraq, we provided winter kits to 8,900 families in refugee camps. This includes ensuring thousands of children have warm winter clothing and boots, so they can get through the cold winter weather in comfort and warmth.

We could not have done this without you, but we still need your support. Millions around the world continue to suffer from the impact of conflict, disaster and poverty throughout the year, not just in winter.

Donate Now

By donating to the Global Emergency Fund, you will enable us to respond swiftly to emergencies around the world whenever the need arises.

£50 can provide a family with a month’s emergency supply of food

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