By donating to our Global Emergencies Fund, you can help ensure we have a contingency fund that can be used to prepare communities for disaster so that when an emergency hits, the impact on people’s lives is reduced. Communities are able to respond immediately and with the support of Islamic Relief, save and rebuild lives.

“Donations to the Global Emergencies Fund provide a lifeline to communities who are in immediate need due to emergencies.

In this instance we will be using these funds to assist countries in conflict (Syria | Gaza | Yemen)
to deal with the global pandemic we are currently facing, COVID-19.

In times of crisis, be the helpers

With Coronavirus classified as a global pandemic by the WHO, and an increase in confirmed cases across the globe, it’s understandable that many of us feel anxious and lost as to what to do.

In times of crisis, we must remember the obligation we carry towards each other. We must recognize our blessings and privilege to have access to healthcare, resources, and basic necessities.

It is important now more than ever, to think not just of ourselves, but of our elders and those most vulnerable among us and around the world.

We urge everyone to choose to respond with mercy, wisdom and generosity, instead of fear, suspicion, and panic. Help us build a better response to the most vulnerable communities around the world.

Years of war and blockades severely affects countries in conflict in every aspect of daily life. The extensive long-running and complex conflicts have devastated countries, with untold numbers of citizens killed and millions forced to flee their homes.

As violence escalates, infrastructure and public services have collapsed, in addition to health systems being destroyed. Medical facilities are often overwhelmed, understaffed, structurally damaged, and under-resourced – bringing the medical facilities to its knees.

As we focus on preventing the spread of Coronavirus, we must do our utmost for those who are most vulnerable. For those facing economic barriers or have difficulty accessing medical care, the risk of this disease is even higher.

Your donation will ensure that each hygiene kit includes antibacterial wipes, liquid soap, detergent, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sanitary pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes, and other essential hygiene items.

Help us make a difference. Every bit counts.

You can support Islamic Relief campaign against the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities.

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