R 1300 can provide hygiene and water storage kits for a displaced family.
R 4000 can provide a food pack for a displaced family for a month.
R8500 can provide a displaced family with emergency shelter.
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R 1300 can provide hygiene and water storage kits for a displaced family.
R 4000 can provide a food pack for a displaced family for a month.
R8500 can provide a displaced family with emergency shelter.
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🔴 Floods devastate Northern Syria

Syria, now in its 13th year of conflict, faces yet another humanitarian crisis, worsened by harsh weather conditions. The recent heavy rainfall and strong winds in northern Syria have unleashed flash floods, severely damaging refugee camps, roads, schools, and submerged agricultural lands across Idlib and Aleppo governorates.

According to local authorities, more than 17,000 families in eight districts were affected, with 500 tents damaged. This has deepened the plight of thousands already struggling amid the prolonged conflict. Muddy conditions have hindered children’s access to education and restricted families from acquiring vital services.


Islamic Relief’s Response

Islamic Relief has been in Syria since 2011 and is responding to this disaster. Our teams are conducting rapid assessments and mobilising resources to aid affected communities. We are providing emergency assistance such as food, water, hygiene kits, and shelter support to ensure displaced families have the essentials for survival and recovery.

Your support is crucial in helping us continue our life-saving work in Syria. Donate Now to provide immediate relief and long-term support to families facing this dual crisis of conflict and natural disaster.

Image: More than 17,000 families in eight districts were affected, with 500 tents damaged in Northern Syria

🔴 Sudan Conflict

Sudan is experiencing one of the most rapidly escalating humanitarian crises globally. Since April 15, 2023, a civil war between two rival factions of the military government of Sudan has devastated the nation, killing over 15,000 civilians, causing widespread destruction, and leaving millions displaced, hungry, and in urgent need of assistance. Right now, 25 million people need humanitarian aid, with 14 million being children. The situation is dire, with no end in sight.

As of May 2024, over 8.6 million Sudanese have been displaced within the country or sought refuge in neighbouring countries. The violence has caused acute food insecurity, with 17.7 million people struggling to access sufficient food, including 4.9 million facing life-threatening hunger. Even before the conflict, one-third of Sudan’s population struggled with daily hunger. Now, every second person needs assistance.

Islamic Relief has been present and working in Sudan since 1984 and continues to respond to the current crisis despite facing numerous challenges. Over 600,000 people have been supported thus far with food, water, medical and sanitation hygiene kits. However, more support is urgently needed. We must step up our efforts to provide lifesaving assistance to the millions caught in the crossfire of this conflict.

Donate today and contribute to alleviating the suffering of millions facing unimaginable hardship. Let us pray for the well-being of the entire Sudan so that peace be the deciding factor.

Gesma is a 23-year-old mother of four who had to deliver twins in the midwives IDPs camp in Sinnar state. She received cash assistance from Islamic Relief that helped her buy supplies for her delivery and helped her start a small food-selling business in the camp.

The ‘Emergency Food, WASH, Protection and Health Response in Sudan (EFWPH)’ project is funded by the government of Canada and the Humanitarian Coalition and targets 39,400 people in Sinnar state. The project includes many activities such as essential medicine support, rehabilitation of water sources, and distribution of dignity kits.

Conflict (war) broke out in Sudan amid April 2023, between the Sudanese military and a paramilitary in the capital Khartoum. Nearly 6 million people have been displaced within and outside Sudan, according to UNHCR.

Image: Gesma and her two friends

🔴 Cyclone Remal devastates Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal is one of the most devastating cyclones to strike Bangladesh in recent years. The cyclone made landfall near the Bangladesh-India border, impacting the western part of Sundarbans and affecting multiple districts. More than 3.7 million people across 19 districts have been affected, with over 35,483 homes destroyed and 150,000 homes damaged. According to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, over 807,023 people have been evacuated to 9,424 shelters across 19 districts. The floodwaters have turned many villages into islands. In addition, 26 million people in different regions of Bangladesh’s coastal belt remain without electricity.

Urgent needs in the affected areas include food, water, emergency shelter materials, household items, and kitchen utensils. Multipurpose cash grants will support immediate needs as markets become functional.

Islamic Relief’s has been present in Bangladesh since 1991. Our teams are currently on the ground, reaching out to the most vulnerable households. We have provided food packs for 500 families, hygiene kits for 1,735 families, and multipurpose cash grants for 1,735 families. The need on the ground is urgent, and we need our local donor community to support our efforts in Bangladesh.

Image: ore than 3.7 million people across 19 districts have been affected

🔴 Emergency Response – Floods in Northern Afghanistan

Northern Afghanistan is reeling from flash floods triggered by torrential rains on May 10, 2024, in Baghlan province. The floods have caused widespread destruction, killing over 300 people and injuring 1,600. Countless families are displaced, with at least 1,000 livestock lost and entire communities destroyed. This disaster comes amid the region grappling with a severe food crisis, pushing families further into despair as they face the threat of starvation.


Islamic Relief’s Response

Islamic Relief has mobilised its resources to address the immediate needs of the affected population. Our ongoing projects in Baghlan province positioned us well to deliver timely and effective assistance. We are distributing essential aid, including food, shelter, water, and hygiene materials, to affected families. Our teams are on the ground, ensuring that displaced families receive the necessary support to survive and recover.

Afghanistan has faced relentless hardships over the past few years, from droughts and earthquakes to economic challenges and now devastating floods. The situation is dire, with urgent humanitarian aid needed to support the most vulnerable. Please keep the people of Afghanistan in your duas and consider donating to provide much-needed assistance and hope to those devastated by this disaster.

Image: The floods have caused widespread destruction, killing over 300 people and injuring 1,600.

🔴 In Gaza

The ongoing violence since 7 October 2023 has escalated into the worst violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The latest Gaza death toll has risen to more than 36,000 Palestinians, including 15,239 children and 10,093 women. In addition, over 80,000 people have been injured.

The latest escalation has forced terrified and traumatised families to flee their homes with the current displacement of over 1.9 million people in Gaza. There are no safe zones in Gaza with no end in sight to the suffering. Communities are unable to access essentials like food, water, medical supplies or sanitation hygiene.

Islamic Relief teams in Gaza are working despite the challenges and security concerns. We have forged a crucial partnership with the UN World Food Programme and are serving over 140,000 hot meals daily. Everything is dire in Gaza with the crisis worsening by the day. Islamic Relief calls for continued support to ensure that vital aid reaches the most vulnerable families in Gaza.

🔴 East Africa

Nearly 20 million people in parts of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are in the midst of an ongoing drought – the extent of which has not been seen in at least 40 years. Millions of people are waking each day to food insecurity, while over a million livestock have died due to the severity of this climate crisis. People are fleeing their homes and villages in search of food, water and safety. With the situation worsening each day, the need for assistance is urgently rising. Islamic Relief is working on the ground in these drought-stricken countries, assessing the unfolding situation and providing much-needed relief, such as food, water, healthcare and shelter to more than 200,000 families. Millions more are in dire need of our help and we will continue to provide as much assistance as we are able to.

Islamic Relief East Africa regional office is implementing the Drought Response and Recovery in the Eastern Horn of Africa (DREEHA) project.
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