When an emergency strikes, Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground, to provide emergency relief and help those affected immediately.
Global and local emergencies place the lives of entire populations in jeopardy with devastating long-term effects. Our Local Emergencies Fund ensures that we can respond to disasters within 72 hours to assist with the recovery to help rebuild lives.
At Islamic Relief, we not only save lives, we help rebuild them – we stick around even after the situation has calmed, helping families put their lives back together again. Where people are affected by the same disasters over and over, we think about how to prepare these people before an emergency strikes.

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We are guided by the 3 R approach:

  1. Resilience

    • Before disasters occur, we develop school safety plans, advocate for the use of building codes, promote climate adaptive technology and plant trees in cyclone affected areas
  2. Response

    • When an emergency strikes we supply food, water, hygiene, shelter, medicinal treatment, hygiene kits, and other essential services.
  3. Recovery

    • After the situation calms, we build shelters, rehabilitate existing water points, provide livelihood assistance, support orphans, widows and other vulnerable groups, provide for education and offer psychosocial support

By donating to our Local Emergencies Fund, you can help ensure that when an emergency hits, we can respond quickly – without our teams having to launch a public appeal – thereby reducing the impact on people’s lives.

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