R1,200 can provide safe drinking water to 3 families
R6,200 can provide access to dignified sanitation in rural communities
R12,000 can contribute towards a sustainable water project in South Africa
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According to the Academy of Science of South Africa, over 3 million South Africans lack access to a basic water supply, while more than 14 million lack access to safe sanitation and hygiene services.

South Africa faces water scarcity issues and has limited resources to meet the needs of its growing population, resulting in frequent water shortages and the unequal distribution of water resources for many communities. In addition, many South Africans do not have access to adequate sanitation facilities, including clean toilets and washing areas, leading to poor hygiene practices and increasing the risk of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, and other health risks.

Islamic Relief is actively addressing the challenges of water scarcity in South Africa through a series of impactful initiatives improving access to water and sanitation facilities, particularly in rural regions. We improve access to water by drilling boreholes, installing water pumps, and building water supply systems to ensure access to clean water in communities facing water scarcity. We also construct sanitation infrastructure, including toilets and sewage systems, distribute hygiene kits, and conduct awareness campaigns advocating for good hygiene practices and waste disposal to prevent diseases.

Through this, we promote good hygiene practices and work toward improving the health and well-being of communities in South Africa.

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