R3,000 can provide 20 hygiene kits to people in need
R800 can provide a family with emergency food for a month
R17,500 can sponsor 5 families with NFI recovery packs
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Islamic Relief aims to be the first responders when a disaster strikes, assessing the situation, providing emergency relief, and helping those affected immediately. When floods, droughts or earthquakes happen, we provide life-saving food, water, shelter, blankets, and basic essentials to families who have lost everything. We not only save lives, we rebuild them through continuing our work even after the disaster has calmed, helping families rebuild their lives. Islamic Relief classifies “disasters” as a serious disruption of the functioning of a society, involving widespread human material, economic or environmental losses or impacts, which exceed the capacity of the affected community to cope. We work closely with Government when any incidents occur assisting with rapid assessments in order the assist those affected by the crisis. 

Eldorado Park Flooding

Eldorado Park, Kliptown, were severely affected by floods on February 26, 2022, due to the severe rains in the Johannesburg area. The flooding impacted 48 households in total, and all of their furniture, food, and clothing were ruined.

A needs assessment were rapidly done and affected families were provided with essentials to ease the suffering of losing all their belongings such as blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits and food packs. 

KZN Floods

In April 2022, KwaZulu Natal Province experienced a consistency of severe rains, which led to massive flooding destroying homes, roads, bridges, schools and human life. Nearly 4000 homes were reported to have been destroyed, with 8300 homes partially damaged. The estimation of more than 40 000 people were internally displaced by the floods while over 400 people were killed while many remain more remain missing and assumed dead.   

The majority of people affected were the residents of informal settlements, which are usually built along streams and rivers. Most of the shacks were washed away leaving a trail of destruction and devastation of livelihoods. Thousands of affected people were accommodated in temporal shelters in tents and community halls.

Islamic Relief responded to the Kwa-Zulu Natal floods by activating the emergency response intervention. This intervention entailed rapid needs assessment of the floods and the people affected. The first response was to provide relief to the people affected including women, children and the elderly by providing blankets, mattresses and emergency food packs.

As part of our Emergency Response Plan, Islamic Relief KZN had procured the above items in readiness for any disaster. However, at the time of the KZN floods, only emergency food packs had been secured and stored. Islamic Relief KZN collaborated with Polokwane Muslim Welfare Foundation to distribute 1000 emergency food packs to affected areas through the network of Imams supported by the Imam Development program.


Emergency Response Items –Second Response

Due to the overwhelming devastation of the floods, Islamic Relief procured additional emergency items to provide relief to the affected people. Strategically, Islamic Relief collaborated with eThekwini Disaster Management and Control Unit and Councillors in the affected areas where victims of the floods were

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