can provide critical support services to vulnerable women who are victims of domestic violence.
provides a food pack for a needy family for a month.
can provide education and shelter to an underprivileged child.
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Ramadan Food Programme

The Ramadan food distribution program offers an opportunity for many needy people and families locally who face consistent food-insecurity to be assisted with a food pack. Ramadan Food Assistance program is primarily intended to provide food to needy fasting families during the blessed month of Ramadan. The food parcel contains a sufficient amount of food for a family of five for approximately two to three weeks and consists of basic food staples suitable for the target community.


Islamic Relief provided 6549 people with food parcels in four provinces in South Africa thus reaching 27,896 beneficiaries.

This project hugely impacted the lives of Muslim families across the nation by improving their access to necessary food items (particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic and its effects on the socio-economic conditions of many households).


Muslims are obliged to give charity prior to the end of the fasting month which is a religious obligation intended at ensuring that needy Muslim families can receive food items to celebrate the Day of Eid.  More than 2000 Fitrah food packs were distributed before the day of Eid in the three allocated provinces in South Africa.

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