20,000 homes destroyed, 100,000 people left homeless

Intense conflict in Gaza in 2014 resulted in severe damage to the city’s infrastructure, and the destruction of over 20,000 homes left 100,000 people homeless. Because of this, poverty and unemployment rates have increased leaving the area experiencing frequent power cuts.

People are becoming increasingly reliant on humanitarian assistance with their livelihoods destroyed. The atmosphere in Gaza remains one of frustration for families who are desperate to rebuild their homes and sustain their livelihoods.

Families face financial difficulties, children lack a good education

Vulnerable households, such as the orphan- households that Islamic Relief supports in Gaza, are most affected, unable to rebuild their homes due to financial difficulties without a breadwinner. Lacking a stable source of income, female-headed households are generally unable to rehabilitate their lives.

Living in very small homes with ceilings made from asbestos sheets, inadequate water systems and no sanitary provision has affected academic opportunities and education achievements for children as they lack an appropriate space to study and learn.

Your generosity made an overwhelming difference

Our second live appeal on Islam Channel during Ramadan aimed to tackle these issues and ensure a positive impact on these vulnerable families by creating a stable home environment. SubhanAllah, thanks to your overwhelming support during our appeal, we have been able to fund 50 orphans and their families by;

– Renovating their homes
– Providing appliances and furniture
– Improving the psychological well-being of families
– Providing awareness–raising sessions on personal hygiene and cleanliness

“Women and children are almost always the worst affected by conflicts,” says Tufail Hussain, Islamic Relief UK’s Deputy Director. “The generosity of our UK donors during the month of Ramadan was once again overwhelming. Because of this, hundreds of orphaned children and female-headed households will benefit hugely, who would otherwise have continued to struggle hopelessly through the on-going conflict.”

Thanks to you, orphan children in Gaza now have a chance at a better future.

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