How can I get a food pack?

Islamic Relief undertakes a process called the pre-assessment phase, whereby affected families are supported as per the criteria provided by Islamic Relief Worldwide. We work closely with implementing partners in various regions and areas to expand our reach throughout South Africa.


Who qualifies to obtain a Ramadan food pack?

Individual households below the national poverty index qualify for a Ramadan food pack. The elderly, child & female-headed households are given preference.


How does Islamic Relief distribute Ramadan food packs?

Upon completion and analysis of the scoring procedure, affected families meeting the qualifying requirements will get a notification regarding the distribution date from the implementing partner.


What types of food items are included in the Ramadan food pack?

The food packs are based on surveys and designed to include a variety of staple foods, such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, flour, sugar, and other non-perishable items, ensuring a balanced and nutritious selection.


How does someone receive their Ramadan food pack?

Islamic Relief arranges for the drop-off of food packs at each distribution point, accompanied by community leaders via their respective distribution points. Households eligible for assistance receive timely notifications regarding the distribution points’ date, time, and location.


Which locations does Islamic Relief distribute to in South Africa? 

Islamic Relief’s distributions occur in various regions of South Africa, including the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Johannesburg.


Can individuals apply directly to receive a Ramadan food pack from Islamic Relief?

No, the distribution is facilitated through community leaders and implementing partners who identify and select eligible households based on the poverty index and the role of the breadwinner.


Are there specific criteria for households with special needs or vulnerable individuals to qualify for a Ramadan food pack?

Yes, Islamic Relief considers and prioritises households with special needs, such as single-parent households, elderly individuals, and those with health challenges, during the selection process.


When is the Ramadan food pack distribution carried out?

Food packs are distributed a week before Ramadan to ensure families have enough supplies for the whole month, allowing them to enter the holy month with dignity.


Can individuals or organisations contribute to the Ramadan Food Pack initiative with donations or volunteer efforts?

Yes, Islamic Relief welcomes contributions from individuals, businesses, and organisations to the Ramadan Food Pack initiative through donations or volunteer work. These contributions will help support the distribution efforts and enable us to reach more families in need.


How does Islamic Relief ensure the fair and transparent distribution of Ramadan food packs among eligible households?

We employ a scoring system during the selection process, and the distribution is carried out with the assistance of community leaders and implementing partners to ensure transparency and fairness.


How does Islamic Relief measure the impact of the Ramadan food pack distribution on the communities it serves?

We conduct post-distribution assessments to evaluate the initiative’s impact, gather feedback from the families we support, and make improvements for future programs.

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