What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is distinguished by the abstinence from food and drink between dawn and sunset, but there is much more to fasting and Ramadan than staying away from food.

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: The Prophet () was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become more generous in Ramadan when Gabriel met him. Gabriel used to meet him every night during Ramadan to revise the Qur’an with him. Allah’s Messenger () then used to be more generous than the fast wind.

~ https://sunnah.com/bukhari:3554


Ramadan Food Programme

Ramadan affirms the compassion required by a muslim toward their fellow brother or sister, and makes us more conscious of the suffering of others. Islamic Relief strives to help alleviate the poverty of vulnerable families by means of our Ramadan food distribution program, where food parcels are distributed to families and communities in need across multiple countries.

The food parcels are made up of various staple items such as lentils, rice, flour, sugar, dates and more, and contain enough food to feed a family of five for about two weeks.



Zakat-ul-Fitr is a form of charity that is obligatory for muslims to pay before the end of Ramadan, the zakat-ul-fitr should be distributed in the form of staple food to Muslims in need. Islamic Relief distributes many Zakat-ul-Fitr food packs in South Africa in addition to the Ramadan Food Programme before Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Ramadan Food Packs

GROUP A - R850

Bangladesh (FDMN), India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Syria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Lesotho

GROUP B - R1250

South Africa and Zimbabwe

GROUP C - R1870

Myanmar, Bosnia, Palestine (Gaza), Iraq, Kosovo, Philippines, Mali, Jordan, Niger, Albania, Somalia

GROUP D - R2530

Italy, Kenya, Spain, Chechnya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Malawi, Sudan

Total: R0.00

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