Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and increased devotion for Muslims. However, it can be challenging for many, particularly those living in extreme poverty.

Islamic Relief plays a crucial role in supporting families at risk through our Ramadan food distribution program, which provides food assistance to disadvantaged families and communities in over 33 countries. This ensures that families at risk and the underprivileged can enjoy the blessed month of Ramadan with dignity and happiness.

Our Ramadan food pack distribution takes place in communities with high levels of poverty and food insecurity, and we work with local implementing partners to identify underprivileged families in these communities.

The food packs contain essential items, including rice, lentils, flour, sugar, oil, dates, and so much more, and provide an opportunity for many to experience a sense of community, hope, joy, and excitement during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Islamic Relief’s Ramadan food pack distributions are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Ramadan is a time of giving and sharing with those less fortunate. Your generosity ensures that our Muslim brothers and sisters can break their fast with a nutritious meal and celebrate the blessed month with dignity and joy.

Ramadan Food Packs

GROUP A - R850

Bangladesh (FDMN), India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Syria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Lesotho

GROUP B - R1250

South Africa and Zimbabwe

GROUP C - R1870

Myanmar, Bosnia, Palestine (Gaza), Iraq, Kosovo, Philippines, Mali, Jordan, Niger, Albania, Somalia

GROUP D - R2530

Italy, Kenya, Spain, Chechnya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Malawi, Sudan

Total: R0.00

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