Wednesday March 20, 2024

In Ramadan 2023, Islamic Relief achieved remarkable success through the Ramadan food pack distribution program. Thanks to your generous support, we distributed over 162,000 Ramadan food packs, benefiting more than 892,000 rightsholders in over 30 countries. Alhamdulillah!


This year, our goal for the Ramadan distribution program is to reach even more vulnerable and underprivileged communities. With your help, we can make a significant impact. Your contributions enable thousands of families to experience the blessings of Ramadan with dignity, knowing that a few of their basic needs are covered. Many a time, we do not understand the impact that our donations make in the lives of those who do not know where their next meal will come from, and for them, they are grateful for the support and the thought.


Islamic Relief has a longstanding commitment to serving humanity with compassion and unwavering dedication, and Ramadan is no exception. The food distribution program addresses the essential needs of communities in various countries, from South Africa to Somalia and Yemen to Gaza. Your donations give hope and joy to families in over 30 countries.

We understand that those in need face unique challenges during fragile, disaster, or crisis scenarios, as well as restricted market access and disruptions in the food supply chain. To address these challenges, Islamic Relief extends its assistance by providing pre-packaged food items specifically tailored to the needs of each community in each country. Our teams on the ground ensure that the food packs are filled with essential and nutritious items that meet the specific needs of those we serve to provide the greatest benefit that families can derive from our food packs.


Islamic Relief eagerly anticipates the arrival of Ramadan 2024, a sacred time for reflection, generosity, and compassion. As we prepare to embark on our mission to support our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide, we seek the invaluable assistance of our local donor community.


Your generosity enables us to distribute our Ramadan food packs, filled with love and care and ensures that underprivileged families can partake in the joyous festivities and experience the blessings of Ramadan with a sense of warmth and community.


As we celebrate the accomplishments of the 2023 Ramadan food distribution, we are fueled with renewed determination to continue our mission for Ramadan 2024. Your support has enabled us to positively impact communities worldwide, bringing joy and dignity to those in need. May Allah (swt) accept our efforts and bless us with the strength to continue this essential work together. Ameen.

Your donations make a difference.

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