Yemen Cholera Crisis

An already devastating humanitarian situation has been severely worsened by a cholera crisis that has affected over 1 Million people, with over 30 people dying every day from the disease. Islamic Relief is currently working in 18 of the 22 governorates in Yemen, reaching many of the areas worst affected by the conflict. With your support, we hope to provide additional aid in this deepening crisis.

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0million People Need Humanitarian Assistance
0Million People Are Food Insecure

Four out of five people need life-saving aid

Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, torn apart by conflict and gripped by hunger. With your support we can provide urgent life-saving aid. A staggering four out of five of the 24 million population need it.

Sami Jassar, who works for Islamic Relief in Yemen, explains: “Since March 2015 the situation has got worse. Eighty per cent of people in Yemen now need humanitarian assistance. Essential goods, such as food, have more than doubled in price, and specific medicines can no longer be found in the shops.”

The people of Yemen are staring famine in the face as 17 million people have been left food insecure and 20.7 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Many families are without basic services. Hospitals and schools have been damaged, and water is in very short supply.

Islamic Relief is scaling up its response in the Aden and Lahj governorates of Yemen, following an escalation in conflict, by supporting 3,000 households with food and non food items.

R1300 could provide food and water to a family for one month

Donate Now and help save lives.

Yemen gripped by hunger

Millions of people are at risk of starvation in Yemen, while 3 million have been driven from their homes by the country’s fierce conflict.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in 18 of the country’s 22 governorates, and we’ve launched an emergency appeal to save lives. For just R1300 you can provide food and water to a family for one month.

The world’s worst cholera outbreak

The World Health Organisation and UNICEF have now classed the crisis in Yemen as the worst cholera outbreak in the world. In just two months, cholera has spread to almost every governorate of Yemen.

As a result, Islamic Relief is on the ground and providing emergency medical assistance.

Overview of Yemen’s cholera crisis:

  • The cholera outbreak in Yemen has now claimed 2,200 lives and affected an estimated 905,995 people
  • The epidemic has hit 21 out of Yemen’s 22 governorates
  • 1% of the fatalities from the outbreak are children under the age of 5
  • Due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen, health services have collapsed

Please donate now and help provide emergency relief to those most in need.

Donate Now

R670 can provide a hygiene kit to a family to help tackle the spread of cholera

R1300 can provide food and water to a family for one month

R2200 can provide treatment for one month to a person affected by cholera

We can do more. We must do more. Please donate now and save lives.

Emergency by the numbers:

Over 1 million people, the number of suspected cholera cases reported

14.5 million people are in need of water and sanitation

14.8 million people are in need of basic health services

2.3 million children are in need of support and access to education

Please donate now and help save lives.

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