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Water, hygiene and sanitation are critical elements of human survival. Fresh water in good quality and sufficient amount is essential for all aspects of human life and sustainable development. The fundamental human rights to water are recognized by states and it is the mandate of governments to provide safe drinking water to its citizens. Water plays a pivotal role in all aspects of development including food security, health and poverty reduction in sustaining growth in agriculture and maintaining health ecosystems.

Unfortunately, the right to water is neither universally nor equitably enjoyed. Different communities and schools have a disproportionate access to basic services. Learners in public schools and residents in rural communities still face unacceptable challenges to accessing water and sanitation services.


Background to Islamic Relief SA Borehole Intervention

Islamic Relief has been at the forefront in providing safe and clean drinking water in water distressed communities around the world. In 2018, Islamic Relief SA in partnership with its donors and the Muslim Community embarked on installing boreholes in water distressed communities as a contribution to solving the water scarcity problem encountered by communities and schools.

Islamic Relief has identified 8 sites all over KZN that are in desperate need of water as these sites are currently using rainwater, river water or municipal water trucks as their main water source. The installation of the 8 boreholes will bring relief to the community members in the various sites as most of the community members are vulnerable to becoming sick due to the lack of clean drinking water. Furthermore, this will reduce the cases of waterborne diseases in each area.



This call for Tender seeks to engage a service provider who will undertake the installation of the 10 boreholes in the identified areas in KZN.


Should you be interested in this opportunity, please provide the following information in your response:

  • The technical proposal
  • Competency of the Company/Consultant,

a) Proposed work to be undertaken at the 8 borehole sites
b) Duration/time frame
c) Personnel: The service provider shall provide capable and experienced personnel to perform the work.

  • The service provider will appoint a project manager/drilling engineer with at least 10 years of drilling experience who shall be responsible for the drilling operations. The Service provider shall also provide a hydrogeologist with at least 5 years of experience in the field of water well drilling. Changes in personnel during the execution of the contract shall be done subject to the approval of the Project manager or IRSA designated representative(s).
  • The Company/Consultant shall provide all the necessary machinery, tools, labor force, vehicles and technical equipment everything necessary for the proper execution of the works according to the true intent and meaning of the specifications including details of hydro-geologists who are members of professional body like the Groundwater Association of KZN,
  • Undertake to provide without extra cost all assistance and everything reasonably necessary for providing the quality of work done as may be required by Islamic Relief,
  • Company registration documents including Tax compliance,
  • Company profile demonstrating experience and competence in the field,
    Verification of competence, the Company/Consultant will be expected to produce adequate and sufficient references to enable Islamic Relief to inspect previously completed projects and assess capacity of the Company/Consultant
  • A financial proposal
  • The financial proposal shall show all the direct costs related to the implementation of the installation of the 8 boreholes.
  • IRSA projects are exempted from VAT, so the Company/Consultant shall provide zero VAT Stamped invoice and source deduction certificate.
  • The financial proposal will be quoted in South African Rands (ZAR).


For further details please kindly refer to our IRSA TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) on our website


Candidates must submit their fee proposals strictly according to the criteria document which will be found on our website

Proposals Submission deadline:

All interested Tender Service Providers are to submit their proposal for the respective regions via email to Tenders@islamic-relief.org.za by the 22nd SEPTEMBER 2023 at 12h00 (SA Time)..

We look forward to receiving your response and discussing this opportunity further.

Procurement Officer
Telephone Number: +27 31 208 2838  Email: Tenders@islamic-relief.org.za

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