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November 8, 2021

Surviving Winter 2021

For many of us the winter months are a time when we put on our warm clothes to brave the colder weather. For millions of others, the same winter months, and the same winter weather is a question of survival.

Snow, ice, blizzards, damaged shelter, or no shelter at all means that vulnerable people all over the world will struggle to survive the bitterly cold winter days and nights ahead.

Last winter, Islamic Relief was able to provide a warm winter to over 450,000 people in 15 countries including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Myanmar and Yemen.

Your donations were the difference between life and death.

This year, you can donate towards blankets, mattresses, winter clothes and other heating items.

Your donations can help someone get through the cold months ahead.

Help someone survive this winter.

Price Handles:

Afghanistan - R2 500

Albania - R6 600

Bangladesh - R390

Bangladesh – Forcibly Displace Myanmar Nationals - R390

Bosnia - R5 000

Chechnya - R34 000

Jordan - R5 100

Kosova - R2 200

Lebanon -R8 400

Macedonia -R6 400

Myanmar - R430

Nepal - R1 350

Pakistan - R1 650

Palestine (Gaza) - R29 000

Syria - R1 200

Turkey (Syrian refugees) - R2 000

Tunisia - R710

Yemen - R1 500

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