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July 24, 2020

Here in Gaza, every time summer comes round, I start thinking about where my kids will spend their time during the summer vacation. And this year has been no different.

As we’re in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’d been staying together at home.


However, as many organisations have gone back to work by putting in place additional safety measures, my wife and I had to once again think about where our children would spend their time during our working hours.


Covid-19 in Gaza: Easing lockdown


With the return of many services and lockdown pretty much over here in Gaza, we started sending our children to my in-law’s house so they could spend time with their grandparents and play with their cousins.

Our parents (may God give them health) are elderly and struggle to take care of two young children bursting with energy, running everywhere around the house. So, it’s not ideal.


Nurseries and childcare institutions have only just re-opened after lockdown. So, we had no choice but to send them to their grandparents’ house every morning and pick them up when we get back from work

It’s a dilemma that many working parents will understand!

With a lockdown of many weeks, many organisations here in Gaza have suffered — especially private sector organisations that depended on subscriptions and tuition fees for children in nurseries and primary schools.


Hundreds of nursery teachers who usually depend on monthly salaries to provide for their families lost their sole source of income during lockdown. Now, as protective measures are loosened a little, almost all facilities are reopening and announcing offers to attract customers and try to compensate for the financial losses they sustained during the lockdown.


Activities for children: Space to play and learn

Children participating in summer activities with Islamic Relief- Palestine.