can contribute towards building a permanent home for a family that have survived the earthquake in Syria
can contribute towards building a permanent home for a family that have survived the earthquake in Syria
can contribute towards building a permanent home for a family that have survived the earthquake in Syria
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Help move Syrian families from tents into permanent homes

Almost two million Syrians are living in tents in Northern Syria. These tents are extremely inadequate in providing safe shelter, and leave families suffering from the freezing cold and winter storms, as well as the harsh conditions in the summer.

With thousands more families displaced in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, living conditions have worsened even further.

Will you help us bring hope to Syria and rebuild?

Donate your Zakat and Sadaqah, and help provide displaced families with a safe and permanent home.

A dire housing situation 

Many families in North-West Syria are living in substandard and squalid conditions, leaving them highly vulnerable. Infrastructure has been badly affected by the recent earthquake and years of conflict. This has made housing increasingly difficult to find, and vulnerable families cannot afford to pay rent. Therefore, a growing number of people are forced to settle in camps, where they face little protection from the elements.

In the harsh winters of Syria, families living in tents face extreme cold and are also prone to serious illnesses, while in the summer many suffer from sunstroke from direct sunlight hitting their tents. Children are particularly vulnerable, and as well as falling sick, many are unable to study and go to school amid such living conditions. Adults face an even greater struggle to work, pushing families further into poverty.

One million people in North-West Syria live in unsuitable shelters, while 200,000 families don’t live in proper houses. 

A lifeline for those in need

Our teams are on the  ground in Aleppo and Idlib and responded rapidly to the recent earthquake. We distributed urgent medical supplies, mattresses, blankets, plastic sheets, kits containing essential items for the elderly and children, tents, heating material, parcels of bread, water supplies, hygiene kits and supported rubble-removal efforts.

So far, we have helped over one million people affected by the earthquake.

Rebuilding homes and lives for vulnerable families 

As well as providing emergency support, Islamic Relief is committed to helping those in need recover and rebuild after disaster strikes. Before the earthquake struck, Islamic Relief had started rebuilding houses for the families displaced by the crisis in Syria. So far, we have built 145 houses in North-West Syria.

With your vital help, we will scale-up our building of homes, especially for the most vulnerable, so that they can live in safety and with dignity. 

R72,000 can build a permanent home for a family that has survived the earthquake in Syria. 

Each home will be 65 square metres, and be able to host a family-of-five. The family will own their new home for life .

We’re working with local communities to identify and serve those who are most in need, including:

  • Women and child-headed households
  • Families with persons suffering from illness and disabilities
  • Displaced families
  • The elderly

We still have a long way to go to meet the housing needs of families struggling to survive in Syria, with estimates that 150,000-200,000 homes are needed.

Your vital donations will help families affected by the crisis with a home to help restore their wellbeing, protect them from the elements, and rebuild their lives. 

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