The economic and psychological impact of the ongoing blockade, and 2014 conflict, places a huge burden on Gaza’s youth. Feeling discouraged, many young people leave education early, lacking crucial life skills and training.

With half the population under the age of 18, this is having a huge impact on Gazan society.

Disadvantaged youth

In this struggling economy there is little manufacturing and few exports. What’s more with new technological shifts in the workforce, many marginalised youth in Gaza have little hope of finding a job to support themselves and their families.

With youth unemployment in Gaza above 60%, the handful of government vocational and social rehabilitation training centres are in dire need of refurbishment.

Building young futures

Alhamdulillah, thanks to your support during Charity Week 2016, we’ve continued to lay the foundations for a happier, more prosperous future for young Gazans.

We’ve started the renovation of three government social rehabilitation and vocational training centres in Gaza, which will provide crucial support to school graduates and early school leavers.

Working in fields such as electronics, textiles, plumbing and carpentry, we’re assisting these centres by:

  • Renovating infrastructure and furniture
  • Developing and revising curricula and learning methodologies
  • Providing staff training

One year into an ongoing programme, we’re positive about making lasting change to the lives of these students and many more. Such vital work is allowing these young people to build the skills required to join the job market and create a better future for themselves.

Thank you for all your generous donations and amazing fundraising efforts!

This year, as children and young people in Gaza continue to face an uncertain future, we’re continuing to serve local communities across the Gaza Strip. Why not join us by donating or fundraising towards our Gaza-based health project and help us to build a better future for these children.

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