In Bangladesh in particular, where 31.5% of people live below the national poverty line, children are especially vulnerable. Here, nearly half of all children do not attend secondary school and one in 10 are forced into child labour.

Alternative Sponsorship

Alhamdulillah, by funding our Alternative Orphan Family Sponsorship project last year, you helped support these vulnerable children.

You enabled orphan families to set up multiple businesses and insha’Allah become economically self-sufficient within three years. This has a life-changing impact for whole communities, by increasing attendance and retention at school, improving diets and nutrition, resulting in healthier and happier families.

Building a better and brighter future

One of the many families you’ve been helping is the Begums from the village of Tepa Madhupur (Kawnia), Rangpur.

Fojila Begum, a 40 year-old widow, and her two sons, 12 year-old Forhad and 10 year-old Murad, were in desperate need of financial assistance when we met them.

In December 2016, Fojila’s husband Abdul tragically died of a heart attack, placing her and her family in immense hardship. Having lost the main breadwinner, the family had no savings or assets, Fojila was forced to find work as a day labourer and house maid in order to feed her children.

With a monthly income of just 1400 taka (£13) a month, the family were left living on one or two simple meals a day of rice and mashed potatoes. As a result, Fojila and her sons were malnourished and their health was in decline.

Based in a flood prone area, the family’s situation worsened again when the village was hit by flooding. Due to the severe weather, the Begums fell into further food crisis. Yet, with no training or education, Fojila was unable to find higher paid work and was unsure of how to better her situation.

For Forhad and Murad, education is the only means to a brighter future. However, Fojila cannot fund her children’s schooling on her current income. When times were hardest, Fojila couldn’t pay their school fees. Forhad then missed the last school term and was unable to sit his exams. Consequently, he fell into child labour and started working at a local tea stall.

Fojila wants her sons to get an education and have a better future but living hand to mouth with no outside financial support, this seemed impossible.

However, thanks to your generous donations, not only can both Forhad and Murad go to school and enjoy regular meals, but Fojila will also be able to build a brighter and better future for her and her family insha’Allah. Thank you for your amazing support!

As we now welcome Charity Week 2017, let’s keep up the momentum. Join us in building a better future for even more orphaned and needy children worldwide.

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