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December 21, 2018

From inception to completion – many manhours and a lot of sacrifices go into each and every one of our projects – and this year we were at the heart of nearly 50 such initiatives.

As the South African branch of the world’s largest NGO – we share not only a privilege but a deep responsibility towards the destitute, orphans and widows, those in dire need, and others escaping the horrors of war. So, allow us the opportunity to share with you, a review of the work we did in your name – our donor – for the sake of Allah.

Essentially this booklet shows you exactly where and how we spent the humble contributions of the many pensioners who donate with us – as well the generous cheques and grants we get from organizations who believe in making a better world for all and chose us to do it.

Because you reached out to us – we were able to not just do the work we do – we were able to Save Lives – and that is priceless – so to all who contributed in any way – Thank You for Being There.

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