Yemen: Water safety for conflict affected communities

Islamic Relief’s assessment found that critical water and sanitation infrastructure and supplies have been damaged in the conflict and people across the country are drinking from unprotected water sources, which are susceptible to contamination. This has caused a rapid increase in water-borne diseases, such as cholera and diarrhoea.

Most individuals only need 20 litres of clean water per day to meet their needs, but due to inaccessibility, high queuing times and insufficient discharge of water sources this is near impossible.

99% of households are dependent on unprotected wells containing unsafe drinking water, which has forced the community to spend large amounts buying expensive water through water trucks that they cannot afford, in order to meet their most basic needs.

Islamic Relief’s intervention

To overcome these challenges, Islamic Relief has launched a new project to help high priority communities in the Hodeida and Abyan governorates. Over the next 12 months (2017/2018), the project will:

  • Rehabilitate six non-functioning water sources, such as wells, springs and reservoirs in the community
  • Provide 40 health facilities with a safe water supply, latrines, hand washing stations and essential medicines
  • Distribute 5,000 jerry cans and 1,400 hygiene kits
  • Deliver 20 hygiene promotion sessions for 500 people

To carry out the project, Islamic Relief will implement a ‘cash for work’ scheme so that local people are given employment opportunities and a vital lifeline.

Long-term sustainability

This project will ensure communities continue to benefit for several generations in the following ways:

  • The rehabilitated facilities will continue to use existing infrastructure to give access to water for many years to come.
  • The ‘cash for work’ initiative will reintroduce cash flow into the communities, revitalising local markets and restoring basic economic functions.
  • The people who are in receipt of the hygiene training sessions will be able to pass on their knowledge to the community and instil behavioural change.

During the current conflict in Yemen, Islamic Relief has provided water assistance to more than 4 million people across 16 governorates.

But we need your donations urgently so that we can continue to fund projects like these and provide vulnerable people with the most basic essentials – so please give generously.

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