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June 5, 2020

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay! With this year’s theme being #Bioversity, something which is fundamental to life, we want to reflect on the importance of looking after our Earth and all its inhabitants 🌍

As we understand more about the ways that #ClimateChange is impacting #Biodiversity, it becomes clear that we cannot tackle the two crises separately. Their interdependence requires us to address them together. #WorldEnvironmentDay

“The Earth is green and beautiful, and God has appointed you his stewards over it.” Prophet Muhammad ﷺ One of the core values of Islamic Relief is Custodianship (Amana). We strive to uphold the duty given to mankind as caretakers of our planet #WorldEnvironmentDay

“As communities across the globe grapple with coronavirus this #WorldEnvironmentDay, the urgent action needed to halt the climate emergency must not be forgotten”- Islamic Relief’s Head of Global Advocacy, @ShahinUAshraf. Read more.

#COVID19 is forcing us to re-evaluate our relationship with the natural earth. This #WorldEnvironmentDay, let us remind ourselves that our health depends on healthy ecosystems & commit to protecting the #Biodiversity of our beautiful planet for generations to come.

Recognising that #ClimateChange and other causes of ecosystem degradation all contribute to #biodiversity loss will help us face the considerable threats it poses to human health. #WorldEnvironmentDay

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