Charity Week, a volunteer-led organisation set up by students and volunteers in 2003, is built upon its vision to inspire young Muslims to become active, socially engaged and united. Through unity, the aim is to raise money to support Orphans & Needy Children across the world. Islamic Relief, a well-established global charity, have supported this project and have been the backbone of this initiative from day one. Islamic Relief use the funds raised by Charity Week to deliver fantastic sustainable projects to children worldwide.

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The history of Charity Week is quite remarkable – beginning with a group of students in London who were firm in their vision. After years of delicate discussions and a trial run in 2003, the first official Charity Week was launched in 2004, with almost 20 University Islamic Societies (ISocs) taking part and Islamic Relief supporting this noble venture! From thereon, Charity Week spread across the country, uniting the students and making a REAL change. Not only is Charity Week growing across the United Kingdom, but also it has spread overseas to Canada and Qatar with the potential to continue growing!

From just one individual with a bucket and a vision of unity, to a project that now encompasses the entirety of the UK and Canada, 2013 marked 10 years since Charity Week began – where an astounding £595,506.24 was raised! Charity Week is a project for everyone! There are over 100 institutions across the UK taking part including universities, schools, colleges, youth groups and even some businesses. It is a project that seeks to unite every community to do something amazing. The results of Charity week do not just end there. Upon uniting hundreds and thousands of people across the country, Charity Week aims to put the power of fundraising in the hands of those who helped raise the money. Once the money is raised and the most needy projects are drafted (by Islamic Relief), it is in the hands of the volunteers to spend the hundreds of thousands across an array of projects supporting multiple countries and their needs. All of the projects involve in helping orphans and needy children across the world – with sustainable projects ranging from Kosovo to Syria to Palestine and the unity spreading across Kenya, Chechnya, Niger and many more!


This year from 27th October – 2nd November, hundreds of activities and events will take place across the country to raise funds for orphans and children.

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