Modibo’s story: Water for life

In the Sahel, malnutrition is an associated cause of over 50% of child deaths.

It’s almost impossible to imagine being at school, under a burning hot corrugated roof, with no access to something as essential as water.

The 2013 floods in Mali and Niger had a detrimental effect on water and sanitation facilities. Additionally, outside of rainy season the impact of drought is severe, leaving insufficient water for drinking, cleaning and sanitary requirements, as well an impacting other aspects of life.


13 year-old Modibo from Mali is one of the million’s affected. Living with his family in a house made from straw, mud and corrugated metal, his family struggle to get by and live in difficult conditions.

Modibo says, “My family’s income mainly comes from agriculture. My father is our main support but sometimes we have to rely on financial support from our uncle.”

Whilst he enjoys going to school and getting an education, there is no water source in the village. This means he has to travel long distances with other children in search of clean water.

We saw the desperate need for a safe and secure water source in Modibo’s village and built a solar powered rain water harvesting unit. This simple yet sustainable solution provides safe drinking water to an entire community whilst also helping to improve sanitation facilities. Along with building the infrastructure, we also invest in training the community by working with local institutions like schools & clinics, this ensures the entire community understand how the harvesting system works as well as teaching them how to run and maintain it. Additionally we train and promote good hygiene and sanitation practices within the community and provide hygiene kits.


On hearing the news of the project, Modibo said, “I thank the donors who contributed. May Allah bless them”

It is truly wonderful that, not only have we been able to help improve Modibo’s life, but also managed to make a difference for his entire community in a HUGE way by utilising simple things like rainwater and sunlight.


If you donate just £3 a month, this small but regular donation could make a HUGE and unimaginable difference to those in desperate need around the world.

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