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April 7, 2020

Islamic Relief is providing hygiene and food support to vulnerable people in South Africa, Syria, Yemen and Gaza and we need your help to save lives.

As of 28th March 2020, South Africa began a 21 day country-wide lockdown in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, this has led to massive food shortages within the most vulnerable communities in South Africa. Part of Islamic Relief’s COVID-19 Campaign is to address food insecurity in South Africa, this refers to a lack of access to sufficient nutritious food and risk factors associated to food insecurity is poor health and weakened immune systems.


Islamic Relief is working closely with Disaster Management clusters in our regions, as well as with other organisations and civil society groups, and we have initiated independent emergency relief programmes to help save lives in South Africa. Thus far Islamic Relief distributed 400 food hampers around Gauteng and 500 food hampers in KwaZulu Natal.


COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation) in March 2020, the number of infected individuals is well over 1million and the numbers are rising on a daily basis. The virus has now entered Syria and Gaza, After 9 years of war in Syria, 5 years of conflict in Yemen and 13 years of blockades in Gaza, these areas already face daily challenges for basic necessities. Mass displacement and ongoing violence has a huge impact in weakening the immune system of people in these countries in conflict, thousands still seek refuge at overcrowded displacement camps, therefore, requesting victims to adhere to the basic precautionary protocol to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in this environment is a challenge. Medical facilities in these regions are often overwhelmed, understaffed, structurally damaged, and under-resourced, the rise of the pandemic in these countries will bring the medical facilities to its knees.


Islamic Relief is on the ground responding to the needs of the people by supplying urgent medical assistance, quarantine facilities, food and hygiene packs in Syria, Yemen and Gaza.


You can help save lives around the world, please donate to the Coronavirus Appeal

  • R400 for a food pack in South Africa
  • R500 for medical assistance in Syria, Yemen/Gaza
  • R1500 will provide financial assistance to a vulnerable family

Help us make a difference. Everything counts.

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