Saturday October 21, 2023

Islamic Relief has been able to distribute food aid at a small number of sites in Gaza amid an ongoing escalation in the region.

At least 4,137 people have been killed in Gaza, and 1,400 in Israel, in a crisis that looks set to deepen.
In Gaza, food, water and electricity supplies are dwindling, and more than 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate from the north to the south of the Strip.

In the last few days Islamic Relief has distributed 1050 food packs, supporting families in central Gaza. The packs contain essential staples to help vulnerable families prepare basic meals.

In the southern city of Khan Yunis, we have also distributed more than 1,697 food vouchers, supporting 10,182 people to meet the costs of basic food items.

To support those who have been uprooted during the crisis, Islamic Relief has begun supplying hot meals at one public school-turned-shelter, and has distributed mattresses and blankets at another.


Support for the health sector

Islamic Relief has also distributed more than 2.2 million medical supplies and medicines to support hospitals that are overwhelmed with casualties and are coming under regular attack.

All hospitals in Gaza now have less than 24 hours-worth of fuel to run external generators, according to the United Nations. After that, there will be no power supply to hospitals across the Gaza Strip – a devastating situation for patients and healthcare workers.

At least 3 hospitals in northern Gaza are no longer operational due to damage from bombing, the World Health Organization reports, while at least 24 hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been damaged.


A dangerous and developing situation

The situation in Gaza remains extremely dangerous. Our team in Gaza are facing many of the same challenges as the communities we support, and our colleagues have had to leave their homes following the evacuation order.

Islamic Relief is closely monitoring the situation and preparing to distribute aid wherever and whenever possible. We continue to call for an end to the violence and for parties to respect international humanitarian law by protecting civilians and ensuring aid is allowed to reach people in need.


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