Climate change is devastating local communities across East Africa. From drought to flooding, the continuing effect of El Niño is taking a heavy toll on families in the region.


More than 19 million people across East Africa are on the brink of starvation with children dying from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

Poor rainfalls has dried out local land. When rain then comes, it’s too late. Unable to absorb the rainfall, water flows straight into rivers and burst their banks. Flash floods ensue. Crops and homes are destroyed and water sources become contaminated with animal and human waste.


For families across the region, this means more displacement and greater risk of food insecurity and the risk of cholera and other water-borne diseases.

People are in critical need of food, clean water and medical care with women and children the worst affected.

We’re on the ground, delivering life-saving assistance including food, medical treatment for malnutrition and safe drinking water to millions of vulnerable people. However, we need your ongoing support to continue providing critical aid to families and communities left devastated and displaced by drought, flooding and ongoing instability.

Across East Africa families are in crisis

  • In Ethiopia, 3.6 million children, pregnant women and nursing mothers are malnourished and need critical food aid
  • In Somalia alone, 2.1 million people are displaced and vulnerable to cholera due to drought and conflict
  • 6 million people across South Sudan are severely food insecure – accounting for around half the country’s population

Please give now and help save lives

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