The region of Shkodra has been affected by extensive flooding, caused initially by the melting of fallen snow due to warm winds and gradually increased temperatures. Intense rainfall over subsequent days causes quick thaw, combined with an increase in discharge from hydropower plants, has worsened the flooding situation. 

The high levels of water are having a severe impact on local people, some are surrounded by the water and have been forced to abandon their homes. The administrative units of Ana e Malit, Dajc, Berdice, Velipoje, Rrethina and Shkoder have been particularly affected.  The local authorities have evacuated the affected people to temporary accommodation and schools.

Islamic Relief is providing support to 600 beneficiaries located in remote areas of Shkodra Municipality. According to the Shkodra Municipality data resources, 25 villages were affected by the flooding and 4,500 hectares of land is currently underwater impacting greatly people’s livelihoods, given the communities’ large dependency on agriculture and livestock.

A total of 8,000 people have been affected by this rain, quick thaw that causes floods, 250 families have already been evacuated out of their homes with a further 750 families surrounded by the high water level of water restricting their mobility to access necessary aid items. Furthermore, 9,000 livestock are either uncounted for or died as a result of the flooding and around 2,500 livestock have been evacuated to neighbouring villages to safeguard them against the current conditions.

Islamic Relief Albania in collaboration with the Shkodra Municipality has helped 600 families in the districts of Dajci, Obot, Ana e Malit distributing bottled drinking water, blankets and hygiene kits.

The local and national government in Shkodra have deployed their volunteers and military to help evacuate people from their homes and support the delivery of aid as soon as they can, with close collaboration with aid agencies such as Islamic relief.

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