Wednesday June 5, 2024

Why give Qurbani with Islamic Relief?


For every hair of the Qurbani, you will receive a reward from Allah.



Choosing to give your Qurbani with Islamic Relief is more than a sacrifice; it’s an act of love and your commitment to alleviating global hunger and poverty. We maintain transparency in our operations, with meticulous adherence to Shari’ah guidelines. With an extensive network spanning 28 countries, we ensure your Qurbani reaches even the most remote and overlooked communities.


Experience and Quality

Islamic Relief has been performing the sacred sacrifice of Qurbani for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve developed an efficient, cost-effective and reliable process. We prioritise the most vulnerable families when distributing Qurbani. Our strict animal selection criteria guarantee that families get meat from animals that are healthy and of the best quality. In addition, we ensure that animals are transported and slaughtered humanely, following Islamic guidelines. Managing the entire transportation and logistics network allows us to comply with Shari’ah and maintain strict hygiene standards in handling, packing, and distributing the meat.


Shari’ah compliance and animal welfare standards

Qurbani requires good quality, healthy animals. We apply best practice criteria to ensure the animals are:

  • of the type required by Shariah
  • at least one year old
  • free from any apparent defects that would make them unfit for human consumption
  • treated and transported with care
  • humanely slaughtered

Best practice also means all meat is handled hygienically, from the carcass right through packing and distribution to families.


Sourcing our livestock from local farmers

Islamic Relief sources its Qurbani animals from local farmers, empowering local economies and ensuring the best animals for the best price. This is usually the cheapest way to carry out your Qurbani, as it minimises the carbon footprint.  Your money goes further with Islamic Relief since we don’t spend money on importing unless in dire circumstances.


Helping families celebrate the blessings of Eid

Your Qurbani is a precious treat that provides a family with food for several days. This nutritional boost is invaluable for those who rarely get to eat meat. Receiving Qurbani meat is an uplifting gift that reminds families that people around the world are thinking about them during the festive period. Our Qurbani programme is one of our largest food distribution programmes to alleviate food insecurity worldwide.

Many of the people who receive Qurbani meat packs from Islamic Relief are also helped by our other projects. They are supported to go to school, earn a living, or simply make ends meet. Working closely with communities throughout the year—not just at Eid—means Islamic Relief already knows who needs your Qurbani, so you can be sure your sacrifice is reaching the most vulnerable families.

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