Monday February 8, 2016

Vital life saving aid reaches besieged Madaya

Alhamdulillah, thanks to the fantastic response from our generous donors we were able to deliver a project in Madaya providing vital life saving aid. We contributed an initial £25,000 as part of a much larger project providing hundreds of individuals with food packs consisting of rice, flour, canned beans, meat and houmous. With this being the initial response, further delivery of aid is currently being planned.

The tragedy of people dying of starvation in Madaya hit the headlines across the world, whilst we continue our work in Madaya and six other besieged areas delivering essential aid, it is not without huge difficulties.

Imran Madden, Islamic Relief UK Director said, “The situation is critical, with hundreds of people suffering from severe malnutrition and all aid agencies and the UN need to be given unimpeded and extended humanitarian access.”

Madaya is only part of the story. There are 400,000 Syrians living under siege in 15 locations in the country and Islamic Relief is beginning to provide food aid in six of them – East Ghouta, West Ghouta, Southern Damascus Suburb, Northern Homs Suburb, Darayya and Moadamiyeh. Food, medicine and other essential supplies are urgently required.

We are calling on world leaders to heed the voices of the Syrian people and issue the strongest possible call for all parties involved in the conflict to comply with international law.

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