Monday February 6, 2023

The situation in Syria

The relentless conflict in Syria has torn families apart and is currently the largest refugee and displacement crisis in the world. The devastation has internally displaced more than 6 million people while another 5.6 million Syrians have fled their homes, seeking safety in refugee camps in neighbouring countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. 14.6 million Of Syria’s total population of 17 million is in dire need of humanitarian assistance – a staggering 50% of those being children.


Winter in Syria

The excruciating pain and suffering that Syrians experience during the severe winter months are inexplicable. Winter in Syria can be severely cold, especially in the northern and mountainous regions where snowfall at higher elevations is common. It is also the rainy season in Syria, with most of the annual precipitation falling during the winter months. However, due to the ongoing conflict, the living conditions in Syria are intense, and access to fundamentals such as food, medical care, and shelter can be challenging for many people.

The suffering of millions of Syrians due to severe winter conditions is a major humanitarian crisis, with the winter months exacerbating every difficulty during this time. Winter can be particularly challenging for millions of displaced Syrians living in overcrowded, poorly insulated makeshift shelters that provide little protection from the cold and wet conditions. Access to fundamental necessities such as heating, clothing, food and blankets is limited, and many may not have access to proper sanitation or clean water. These conditions can lead to increased risk of disease and death, particularly among vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical conditions. The destruction of homes and vital infrastructure such as hospitals and roads have made it difficult to reach and assist those in remote areas. The ongoing conflict has limited access to affected areas, meaning the suffering of thousands of people is ongoing. The displacement for so many Syrians has devastated their livelihoods, and facing winter unable to provide for and sustain their families is painful.


Islamic Reliefs efforts in Syria

Islamic Relief’s efforts in Syria have focused on providing food aid, clean water, and medical care to those in need. We have been working to provide warm clothing, blankets, and heating fuel to help people stay warm during the winter months and supported over One million people with winter survival kits. Our teams are supporting families and children suffering from severe winter conditions. We have provided families with blankets, mattresses, plastic mats and sheets to help protect them against the freezing weather. We ensure that thousands of children are adequately covered with warm winter clothing and boots so they may get through winter weather in comfort and warmth.

Islamic Relief has also been working to repair and rehabilitate damaged homes and public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, to provide safe and secure shelter for people. Our teams have assisted and provided livelihood support to help people become self-sufficient and to help them to rebuild their lives. We have also been working to assist people in hard-to-reach areas where access to aid is limited due to the ongoing conflict. We have been working closely with local partners to ensure aid reaches those who need it most.

You can make a difference this winter and ensure that families are well-fed, clothed and warm during the freezing winter in Syria. Donate Now.

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