Thursday January 22, 2015

Shaping worldwide disaster resilience

On the ten-year anniversary of the Hyogo Framework for Action, Islamic Relief is pushing for further efforts to protect vulnerable communities from the impact of disasters.

Ten years ago today, 156 countries adopted the framework to build resilience to disasters. With the first phase ending this year, negotiations for the next stage of the framework are now just 50 days away.

Pushing for ambitious action to protect communities

Participating in the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in March, Islamic Relief will draw on our experience working with disaster-prone communities to push for ambitious action. As well as responding to disasters over the last three decades, we are improving disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and resilience building in a range of countries.

Sharing our expertise and experience to achieve positive change

We will provide key insights and evidence for discussions at the event in Senai, Japan, by sharing our technical expertise in many dimensions of disaster risk reduction and climate adaption. Strategies to respond to slow onset disasters, such as drought in the Sahel, as well as the increasing frequency of extreme and large-scale disasters across Asia will be pushed to the fore.

Islamic Relief also plans to highlight the importance of partnerships with local communities and at all levels of government. Lessons from these partnerships will be vital to the successful delivery of the framework’s next phase, particularly in capacity-building and financing.

Advocacy that complements our life-saving work on the ground

Our lobbying for action on disaster risk reduction complements our work on the ground. Our projects include developing early warning schemes in Bangladesh, empowering religious buildings and schools in Indonesia to reduce the impact of disasters, and a comprehensive programme to strengthen the response to disasters in PakistanThe conference aims to achieve universal agreement on how to build disaster resilience across all sectors of society.


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