Building Lives

Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3This textbook is an exciting new resource for Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3. It focuses on the work of aid agencies, with a special focus on faith-based agencies such as Islamic Relief. The publication comes with pre-designed activities, is tailored to the national curriculum and can be used to teach R.E, Geography and Citizenship.


Muslim Perspectives on Citizenship

This publication is about responding to the needs of teachers and schools working in a global and interdependent society. International events,
particularly since September 11th 2001, have thrust Muslims and their communities into the global media spotlight.Young people of all faiths and cultures may often be growing up in an increasingly divided world. . This booklet responds to an interest expressed by many teachers to explore the Muslim perspectives on citizenship and the sharing of ideas.To order copies of Muslim Perspectives on Citizenship, please contact [email protected]


Our Lives

Key Stage 1Our Lives is a pictorial journey through children’s daily needs. All children need food; healthcare; a home; a safe place to play; family and friends. The text and pictures show the difficulties encountered by children whose lives are affected by war, long-term famine and natural disasters which result in poverty. There are discussion points throughout the book, and a Teachers Notes section at the back with suggested discussion questions to guide learning.

Resources_Education_Help_Problem Help! We’ve got a serious problem here!Key Stage 3This booklet offers a lively and engaging way for students to explore some of the issues involved in global citizenship. Using data from a real-life disaster, students are challenged to analyse the problems and try to arrive at some solutions, employing skills in research, investigation and critical analysis. The booklet presents opportunities for individual and group work.To order copies of Muslim Perspectives on Citizenship, please contact [email protected]
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