Tuesday November 8, 2016

Within the NGO sector, where the competitive landscape for funding dominates discourse, a partnership of the like between Islamic Relief and the Amy Biehl Foundation has become an uncommon occurrence especially considering the current socio-religious discourse dominating international media.

“By forming partnerships, we are increasing our collective development footprint. Both these organization have shown an unrelenting commitment to the vision of empowering vulnerable communities to overcome their social-ills and participate fully within our economy. While we know the journey is long, this partnership highlights the commitment which exists to provide a collective solution to the challenges we face,” said Fazlin Fransman, Head of Fund Development and Communications for Islamic Relief South Africa.

In 2015, Islamic Relief became distinctly aware of the impact the Amy Beihl Foundation was making in the Skills Development and Entrepreneurship sector. “We wanted to be part of this very creative solution they were offering. They were not only providing at-risk-youth with skills, but helping them start their own businesses. This model fits perfectly with our objective to ensure more youth become economically vibrant citizens,” added Fransman.

After initial conversations beween the organisations, Islamic Relief decided to donate sowing machines and overlockers to the skills development and entrepreneurial programme of the Amy Beihl Foundation.

Aligned by the common goal of creating an economically vibrant youth, Islamic Relief officially handed over the sewing machines on the 7th November 2016 to the Amy Beihl Foundation at their Sybrand Park offices in Cape Town.

The partnership with the Amy Beihl Foundation came of the heals of recently completed projects between the Desmond Tutu Foundation – through the TutuDesk Campaign, and the Nelson Mandela Childrens Hospital – where Islamic Relief funded the $10 Million Oncology Centre.

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