Position Identification

Position Title:  National Finance Coordinator
Organisation:  Islamic Relief South Africa
Location:   Cape Town, South Africa
Reports to:   Head of Finance and Support Services
Grade: TBC

Job Summary

The incumbent will be responsible for assisting the HOD of Finance and Support Services to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the department. As the NFC, the direct reports will be the income controller, expense controller and a shared oversight of the financial assistant with the National Support Services Co-ordinator. The position also requires filling in as a relief function for the income and expense controller as well as the HOD as may be required. The role includes overseeing all relevant financial policies and procedures to ensure the effective functioning of the department. It also includes ensuring that finance due diligence practices are upheld. It further includes monitoring and tracking income and expenses relative to budgets, and submitting weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting deliverables as will be decided upon and agreed with the HOD. The preparations for the annual financial audit and upholding finance due diligence around the administration and maintenance of Section 18A tax certificates and associated records further comprises the responsibility, as well as overseeing external compliance with SARB and other stakeholders.

Key Accountabilities


The National Financial Coordinator will be required to oversee all relevant financial policies and procedures to ensure the effective functioning of the Financial and Support Services Department. It would be important to monitor policies for relevance and ensure the HOD is appraised where updates and modifications may become necessary for the efficiencies of the Department.

  • Roll out documented Standard Operating Procedures for all finance and related administration processes.
  • Track and review procedure on the monthly OVC reconciliation.
  • Review all Finance related processes and champion efforts to formulate systems to migrate to automated systems where applicable.
  • Confirm compliance of the Income and Expense Controllers with respect to budgetary, accounting, reporting and internal control systems and policies that the controllers would be responsible for ensuring all departments and regional offices abide by.
  • Ensure adherence to all relevant processes, procedures and policies – eg security, data protection, IT and procurement.
  • Ensure compliance of all departments and regional offices with IRSA financial policy.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of and trained on finance policies and processes.


  • The National Financial Coordinator would be responsible for maintaining an overview of all financial processes within the Finance and Support Services Department. The roles of the expense and income controllers would be closely monitored by the NFC to ensure that any shortfalls are identified before there is a problem or risk to the Organisation. In addition, all other process and reporting functions that form part of this job category should be clearly thought out as to where in the process chain they fall, ie daily, weekly, quarterly or annual. The items listed below are not limited to but of relevance, and would have to be adapted as and when required.
  • Maintain efficient and orderly processes throughout the Department (in all regions) and ensure that reporting on required functions is submitted in good time.
  • Ensure that direct reports are performing to expectation and any shortfalls on delivery are highlighted and dealt with promptly.
  • Daily Functions:Ensure that systemized records are kept in files and on the server.
    There should be consistent and measurable efforts to reduce overheads and unnecessary expenditure.
    Reviewing of cash reconciliation processes
    Track compliance and processing of all IRSA projects and ensure all finance related documentation is in order.

Key Interfaces

  • HOD of Finance and Support Services
  • National Support Services Coordinator
  • Income Controller
  • Expense Controller
  • Finance Assistant
  • Donor Relations Officer
  • CEO

Physical Demands/Working Conditions

  • Required ability to work under pressure and able to multitask.
  • Understanding of the service required to IRSA and to ensure delivery is timeous in order to facilitate ease with output.
  • Fast paced and developing environment that requires innovative and resolution orientated thinking.
  • Must be accountable, responsible, honest and at all times act with integrity.

Educational Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • B Comm Degree
  • Minimum 5 year experience in similar role (preferably in the NGO sector)
  • Comprehensive Sage Pastel book keeper to trial balance function skill (minimum 5 year experience)
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel – completion of a course will be advantageous
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Self-motivated and innovative
  • Committed and dedicated

Key Islamic Relief Qualities Required

  • It is essential that the post holder shows a good understanding and sympathy with Islamic
    values and principles as well as commitment to IR’s vision and mission as per below:

    Our actions in tackling poverty are marked by excellence in our
operations and conduct which are deserving of the people we serve.
    In responding to poverty and suffering our efforts are driven by
sincerity to God and the need to fulfil our obligations to humanity
    Our work is founded on enabling people and institutions to fulfil the rights of the poor and vulnerable. We work to empower the dispossessed towards realising their God-given human potential and developing their capabilities and resources.
    We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of
paramount importance and we shall join with other humanitarian actors to act as one
in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice.
    We uphold our duty of custodianship over the earth, its resources and the trust people place in us as humanitarian and development practitioners to be transparent and accountable.

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