£40 can provide a vulnerable family with water£65 can provide a vulnerable family with food£107 can treat malnourished children as well as pregnant and lactating mothers (14)

Since late August, the emergency situation in Rakhine State, Myanmar, has worsened with violent clashes reportedly resulting in over 1,000 dead.

This recent spate of violence has not only seen civilians killed and landmines planted but satellite imagery confirms villages have been set alight. Entire townships have had to be evacuated creating wholly displaced communities taking temporary shelter in schools and public buildings. Thousands of people are trapped in the immediate vicinity of the conflict zone.

More than 500,000 people, mostly women and children, are in urgent need

They have fled violence and left everything they own behind to seek refuge in Bangladesh. They are now in urgent need of shelter, medical care, water and food as they arrive exhausted and traumatised in overflowing camps and settlements in Bangladesh.

Families like Muhammad Rafiq’s have been forced to flee their homes and make the arduous journey for refuge – crossing the border into the unknown.

Muhammad crossed into Bangladesh on an overcrowded boat, with his wife Nuru, and their four children.

He holds his 2-year-old son, Noyum, closely in his arms. Noyum has a fever and needs immediate medical attention – in a state of semi-consciousness, he constantly calls to his parents.

Muhammad said, “We left in the middle of the night. We had time only to grab our children. We left everything behind…”

Without food, water and shelter, there are many more families, and countless children like Noyum, who urgently need your help.

Islamic Relief, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), has been working in Myanmar since 2008, delivering life-saving emergency aid, food, shelter and hygiene kits to those displaced by internal conflict and inter-communal violence. We’ve rebuilt schools and funded healthcare through innovative clinics.

Islamic Relief is planning to support over 30,000 people with emergency relief assistance over the coming months and has deployed an emergency team who are currently assessing the need of those affected.

Through our work, we are able to reach and help isolated communities.

Islamic Relief is continuing its on-going operations in response to the Myanmar emergency, and is closely monitoring the crisis in Rakhine State – please donate now and help save lives.


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