Mohamed’s story: Building a better future

The drought that hit East Africa in 2011 was said to be the worst the area had seen in 60 years, leaving livestock dead and causing a severe food crisis. This is the direct impact climate change is having on the drought prone area.

Mohamed Noor from Neboi, Northern Kenya, was just one of the countless herders affected by the disaster, losing his livestock meant he didn’t have a regular income to provide for his family. This served as a real wake-up call for him.

“My camels, goats and cattle died during that disaster and it is then that I decided to abandon herding animals to fully concentrate on my farm,” he said

Islamic Relief worked with Mohamed to provide him with a long-term sustainable solution. We enrolled him on training courses to build his knowledge of farming. We then equipped him with the necessary tools and built irrigation systems into his farmland aiming to mitigate the impact of drought on his crops.

Now Mohamed doesn’t have to worry whether his family has food to eat or his children get an education. Alhamdulillah.

Mohamed said, “We really appreciate Islamic Relief’s support. We are progressing every season by saving income from our farm outputs and by the time Islamic Relief stops support, we will continue our farming activity by ourselves.”

It’s beautiful to think that providing Mohamed with something as small as seed’s has enabled him change his life in a big way. Not only does he now grow his own crops, but is also building a better future for himself and his family. We are helping so many people like Mohamed out of poverty without needing to rely on assistant from us.

If you donate just £3 a month, this small but regular donation could make a HUGE and unimaginable difference to those in desperate need.

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