Millie is a young orphan girl who was tricked into a life of prostitution. She says: “I was taken to the city by a stranger who told me I was going to be a maid, but then I was sold into prostitution by him.”

From that moment on, Millie’s life has been terrifying. She has been physically abused and trafficked to India and back. Now her life is one where she has to sell herself to survive. Trapped by poverty, Millie told us “sometimes men come in groups and I can’t stop them”.

The orphan girls you see begging on the streets of Bangladesh day and night aren’t prostitutes yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they may be forced into this way of life. Living on the streets makes them especially vulnerable to abuse. When they reach the age of 11 or 12, it is very likely that they will be picked up by human traffickers – and their lives as prostitutes will begin.

If we act now we can protect girls like this from following the same path as Millie, insha’Allah. Islamic Relief can protect them from a life of pain, humiliation and misery and give them a chance of a better future. We can do this by sending them to school and providing food and shelter for them, so that they can have a normal childhood.

But we need your help in order to do this. Gather the rewards of Ramadan and donate your Sadaqah and Zakat today to help keep orphans like Millie safe from abuse and exploitation. Being kind to and looking after an orphan is a great act of generosity encouraged by the Prophet (peace be upon him), who said: “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. (Bukhari)

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