Monday September 28, 2015

Mediterranean Refugee Crisis Update

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In their search for safety, some people are forced to make difficult decisions to attempt to reach EU member states. With very few legal and safe routes overland, many thousands of refugees are embarking on perilous sea journeys. Often making the trip toward Europe on flimsy and crowded dinghies, they are risking – and losing – their lives in the attempt.

At least 2,000 people are thought to have died at sea so far this year. It is not known how many others may be planning the dangerous voyage. Increasingly, women and children are among those endangered in what has become the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

As the crisis grows and deepens, Islamic Relief continues to support refugees in countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey and is also helping vulnerable people in European countries.


Macedonia, Albania

  • The Islamic Relief team in Albania will be distributing over the next 1 month period:
    • 60,000 food parcels distributed to migrants in 2 target areas
    • 6,000 hygiene kits distributed to women in 2 target areas
    • 6,000 diapers distributed to children in 2 target areas
    • 12,000 blankets distributed in 2 target areas
    • 4,000 raincoats distributed in 2 target areas



  • Our team from the United States have teamed up with a local partner in Serbia to support their relief efforts. They are providing food packs, clothing and hygiene kits to refugees



  • Our team in Belgium last week assisted in distributing breakfasts for 600 refugees, and are looking to scale up their activities


Lesvos, Greece

  • Food Packs: To date, we have distributed food packs to 3165 people.
  • Cultural Mediation: Our team’s Arabic and Pushto speakers have joined the International Rescue Committee’s team in Molyvos, northern Lesvos, to provide a cultural mediation service. This has proved to be very successful, both to refugees and other agencies operating in Lesvos: our staff have been providing advice, translation, distributing maps, and accompanying sick people to hospital and providing general reassurance and support to refugees.  To date we have provided Cultural Mediation services to over 42,000 refugees.
  • Cash grants to the most vulnerable: Islamic Relief has distributed cash grants to 55 families in Lesvos.

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