Saturday June 3, 2017

Islamic Relief’s East Africa emergency appeal raised urgent funds to help the most vulnerable people and will help entire communities across the region.

Imran Madden, Director of Islamic Relief UK, said:

“I would like to thank the UK public and our donors from further afield for giving so generously to this appeal. You have helped ease the suffering of tens of thousands of people who, without your support, would be facing hunger, life-threatening illnesses and in some cases, death.

“With your donations, we have been able to provide assistance in South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia, where we are easing the pain for those facing hunger and severe food shortages. However, these projects are only the beginning of our response. We will continue to implement far reaching, longer-term projects in the region as we receive further donations.”

Your donations have funded the following projects:


All across Kenya, malnutrition cases are on the rise, especially in children under five and in mothers who are pregnant and lactating. Your donations have enabled us to deliver life-saving nutritional food packs that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, pulses and vegetable oils.

You have also made it possible for us to improve the water supply in several areas and deliver emergency water to communities, health facilities, schools and villages that have been most severely affected by the drought.


With your donations, we have distributed food packs to 1,227 households (7,362 people) in the Togdheer, Sool and Sanaag regions and provided 6,197 people with at least eight litres of clean water per day.

South Sudan

Project 1

We are providing life-saving food and water to 15,000 conflict-affected, displaced people for six months in the Lainya and Yei counties of South Sudan as a result of generous donations.

Project 2

Thanks to your support our teams will be providing malnourished children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers, with essential medical treatment. Access to clean water is being greatly improved, as your donations will enable us to rehabilitate boreholes and construct better sanitation facilities. We will also equip 15,000 conflict-affected men, women and children with knowledge to practice safer hygiene and sanitation.

Food packs will be given to the most vulnerable people, consisting of sorghum, yellow peas, sugar, rice, groundnuts, salt and tea leaves.

We need your help to continue this work to save lives. Donate today.

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