Home, sweet…freezing cave – Syria winter crisis

When Oum Ghassib’s house in Maarat Annouman, was bombed, she and her family were forced to flee their hometown. Now, the Syria winter crisis is a threat to their survival.

With 12 children to support, she first relied on her eldest son, Ghassib. He worked to provide for the entire family – including his new bride.

However, Ghassib died recently, shattering the entire family. With no income to pay the rent, Oum Ghassib, 50, and her children were forced to live in a cave.

Not only was she unable to feed them, but the cave is in one of the most dangerous parts of Syria. She constantly fears for their lives. The pressure of living under such harsh conditions has left them suffering both physically and mentally.

The family depends on local aid agencies, including Islamic Relief. We have provided them with mattresses, vital food packs and hygiene kits to prevent illness, but the dangers are still huge.

Now, in the freezing snows, this makeshift home provides little protection against the bitter cold. Oum Ghassib needs our help more than ever to keep her family safe throughout the Syria winter crisis.


Warm Winters for Syria

With the Syrian region facing the worst winter in decades, Islamic Relief is providing vital aid to help Syrians inside the country, and those seeking refuge in neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan, survive the season. Our Warm Winters Appeal is supplying food, heaters, warm clothes, blankets and other essential support.

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