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We will be facilitating Qurbani in countries where we know your donations will make the most difference

Alhamdulillah, Since 1986 Islamic Relief has been fostering the needs of the world’s poorest people through the implementation of Qurbani on behalf of its generous supporters.

Having performed 670 Qurbanis in our first year, last year with your love and support, over 3.5 million people from 29 different countries received fresh and quality Qurbani meat.

We make sure the most impoverished people receive the best Qurbani we can provide them. We select only the healthiest animals, ensuring high quality meat for those whose diets lack so much.

We try to help the most vulnerable people first – women, children, the elderly, and refugees of war and disaster are always our priority.
Give your Qurbani donation today. The prices are for a goat, sheep, or 1/7th of a cow (depending on country).