Qurbani Prices 2022

It is advisable to give as early as possible. At Islamic Relief, we strive to implement the Qurbani sacrifice over 3 days (10th to 12th Dhul Hijjah).

Group A - R950

Mali, Niger, Malawi and Kenya

Group B - R1500

Ethiopia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Nepal, Bangladesh FDMN

Group C - R1900

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, South Sudan, Philippines

Group D - R2950

Yemen, Kosova, Myanmar, Albania, Bosnia, Syria, Indonesia, Macedonia

Group E - R5800

Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza)

South Africa - R2100

Bring a smile to a child’s face by giving an Eid Gift

Eid Gift - R100

Total: R 0.00

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