Water is the key to all life. In fact, water is so essential that we can only survive for around three days without it. What’s more, dirty, contaminated water spreads disease with fatal results.

Islamic Relief believes in giving water for life. When we build a water system, we want to ensure communities are left with easy access to a sustainable source of clean water for years to come. In many areas of the world, unpredictable weather leads to severe drought. With less water to drink and irrigate crops, harvests fail and families starve. With no extra income, impoverished families cannot fulfil their basic needs nor buy simple essential equipment to earn a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

Without essential water aid, millions of people worldwide remain trapped in this brutal cycle of poverty. Even worse, as famine hits the most vulnerable communities across the globe, many people die.

Simply drilling wells and installing water pumps cannot solve the water crisis. With high running costs, short life-spans and a lack of training and equipment to maintain and fix wells when they break down, wells and water pumps do not offer a long-term sustainable water source, especially given the impact of climate change on the water table.

Safe water for everyone

We’re working with communities in over 40 countries to ensure that families have access to safe water for drinking, washing, cooking, farming and agriculture.

Here’s how we work to ensure greater water equality worldwide:

  • We rehabilitate viable water systems and equip and train communities, sustaining their access to clean water
  • We build water tanks to collect rain water, allowing communities to safely store water when water is scarce
  • We install irrigation systems to enable farmers to continue producing food during times of drought
  • We distribute hygiene kits to reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases and lower mortality rates
  • We improve access to clean water sources, agricultural inputs and knowledge to address water and food insecurity

By supporting our water for life projects, you’re helping families and entire communities to maintain their livelihoods and stay happy, healthy and hunger-free over both the short and long-term. You’re transforming and saving lives across the globe.

Save a life, donate today.

Donate Water for Life

R1500 can help provide a person with life-saving access to clean and safe water.

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