Thursday August 9, 2018

The killing of civilians, mainly children, in Dahyan, northern Yemen today is truly horrifying, said Islamic Relief UK today.

Reports have shown that dozens of children were killed when an air strike hit a school bus travelling through the Dahyan market in Saada province.

Speaking from the capital Sana’a, Islamic Relief Yemen’s country director Mohammed Zulqarnain Balloch said:

‘The war in Yemen has been long and bloody but today’s carnage is truly horrifying. We call on all parties to this conflict to respect international humanitarian law and from what we’ve seen today, our messages appear to be falling on deaf ears”

“To make matters worse, my staff have been unable to leave our office in Sana’a for much of today due to air strikes near our location. This type of activity directly impedes our ability to saves lives in Yemen.”

Islamic Relief’s CEO, Naser Haghamed, said:

“I was horrified to hear of the deaths of these innocent children. I’m calling on the UK government to do everything in its power to ensure that all parties respect a basic rule – civilians must be protected.”

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