Every day communities across the globe are in need safe sources of water for drinking, washing, cooking, rearing livestock and watering crops.

Yet for these millions of people, this simple essential is out of reach.

Islamic Relief administers a Water General Fund that provides funding for water, sanitation and hygiene projects around the world.

The general fund enables you to donate any amount towards our water projects and your financial gift will be leveraged for the most urgent water needs in vulerable communities.

At Islamic Relief, we bypass short-term interventions and high running costs to instead provide long-term sustainable solutions; installing irrigation systems, building water tanks, training communities, distributing hygiene kits and rehabilitating viable water systems.

Donate water now and help us to provide men, women and children clean and safe water, an essential we all take for granted.

Kindly note however, that we cannot provide any individual well reports if you opt for the general fund option.

For EFT payments please use the following reference: WGF + Your Number.

Donate Now.

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