Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund

Waqf, or ‘endowment’, is a long-standing Islamic tradition. It refers to the dedication of some valuable goods – land, a building, or even money – such that it no longer belongs to anybody, and cannot be bought or sold. The profits, which are then generated from this endowment, are given away as charity.

Waqf in Islamic Relief

In 2000, Islamic Relief began offering Waqf as a way to donate. Since then, your donations have helped thousands of people over 25 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean.

Waqf-funding has supported scores of projects that help poor communities. Last year, projects included:

Delivering real and lasting impact

Projects have particular focus on achieving lasting change through an integrated approach that tackles the root causes of poverty and suffering. They are designed to deliver long-lasting results.

For example, in 2013, communities in Darfur benefited from an integrated project. This improved access to essential services, and created opportunities for local people to earn a living. The holistic approach interlinked intervention in water and sanitation, health, education, and livelihoods to secure maximum impact and lasting benefit for vulnerable communities.

Sustainability is paramount

Currently, Islamic Relief accepts cash and in-kind donations for our Waqf projects. As sustainability is paramount, when you donate money, we invest your donations and only use profits to fund projects. This ensures that the core donations carry on to the following year, and that benefits can be reaped time and time again.

In-kind donations can be in the form of property, land, or useful items such as cars and medical equipment. The need and ability to use the donation is subject to the office in your country. Please feel free to contact your Islamic Relief local office to find out more.

This Waqf fund is specifically designed for sponsoring orphaned children in South Africa.

The fund is part of a big project run by Islamic Relief South Africa in partnership with Iqraa Trust and Albaraka Bank.

All funds received for this Waqf will be redirected to Islamic Relief South Africa, who will invest in the country and use returns from the investment to sponsor poor and orphaned children in South Africa.

Donors can donate any amount in any currency.

This is a valuable opportunity to contribute to much-needed poverty alleviation and to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in South Africa, a country in which more than 10 million people live in extreme poverty. One donation will help transform lives and may open the doors for endless reward.