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December 31, 2019

Syria needs you now more than ever.

Since 16 December, tens of thousands of civilians fled from the southern Idlib governorate, moving further north due to renewed hostilities. Ma’arrat An Nu’man and its countryside are reportedly almost empty. People from Saraqab and its eastern countryside have also started fleeing in anticipation of hostilities extending to their area.

The volatile security access to the north, and the lack of fuel in Idlib, is restricting the movement of the civilians. Majority of the civilians have made their way to Idlib city, Ariha as well as to camps in Northwestern Idlib. Some of the civilians are headed to northern Aleppo.

More than 284 000 Syrians have been displaced and hundreds killed in a matter of a few days.

This new wave of displacement is compounding on the on going emergency situation in northwest Syria that resulted in the displacement of an estimated 400 000 civilians from late April – late August 2019.

On 24 December, local sources reported an airstrike on a gathering site near Jobas village located south of Saraqab town. Reports indicate that 12 people died, of whom at least four were children and two were women, while numerous people were injured.

A UN negotiated humanitarian pause in airstrikes on two routes in Ma’arrat An-Nu’man was approved for Tuesday 24th December.

Many humanitarian agencies in south-eastern Idlib have been forced to suspend their operations in the war torn areas.

Islamic Relief has thus far:

  • Transported the displaced families from Ma’arrat An Nu’man area to north-western Syria.
  • Distributed ready-to-eat food parcels to the displaced families.
  • Set up mobile units to provide health services to the displaced families.

We are on the ground assessing and responding to the rapidly growing needs of the displaced civilians. With your continued support we need to action the following urgent requirements:

  • Package and distribute tents, non-food item kits ( mattresses, blankets, plastic sheet, sanitation packs, heat insulation, medical supplies), food items, and baked bread in the coming days.

As the needs on the ground escalate, we urgently need your continued support.

As little as R950 can feed a family for a month, or R2650 can provide a family with shelter and R3500 critical medical supplies.

Help us save lives, donate now.

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