Sadaqah Jaariyah

“When a man dies, all his acts come to an end, but three: recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people benefit), or a pious offspring, who prays for him” (Muslim).

Waqf, or ‘Endowment’, is a long-standing Islamic tradition. In Islam, Waqf is a form of ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariya). The original gift (money, land, property, assets) is kept intact. This gift is invested to generate a charitable return for the cause to which was donated.

Islamic Relief delivers Waqf through its partners – Iqraa Trust and Al Baraka Bank. Your donations are invested in sharia compliant investments and the returns are then used to support orphans programmes and is re-invested to ensure it keeps growing every year.

The Orphans Endowment Fund provides a self-sustaining and cost-effective source of funds which provides a humanitarian solution that prioritizes the needs of children, specifically, to support orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa.

The Fund is structured so that the capital is preserved and only the income that is generated on the capital is utilised. Projects supported by the fund include:

  • Annual Back to School Programme
  • Winterisation

How It Works

Orphans Endowment Fund – Partners


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